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About Me


My Life

My name is Alicia Pinto, I am a wife and mother. My family is my world. I pride myself in being a Nutrition Coach, aiding women, including busy moms, in transforming their bodies according to their goals through science-backed nutrition. 


I will help you build sustainable habits that have been proven to bring results both I and my clients have seen, through customized macro plans and a healthy routine built over time. By meeting you where you are in your nutrition journey and supporting you through 1:1 coaching every step of the way, you will have all the tools you need to see the results you have always wanted. Imagine achieving your weight loss goals that last long-term, without restricting foods from your diet or sacrificing social outings.


Let me help you find true confidence that shines from the inside out. 

My Story


My Struggle

As a busy mom myself, I understand what it is like to hold on to the last few pounds of baby weight with no solution in sight. The workouts I did for years and eating "clean" was not working like it once did. Finding time for nutrition and exercising, while also having a full-time job and a baby at home, was a struggle.

My Solution

Tracking macros was the solution that allowed me to finally lose the weight in a sustainable way, that also allowed room for life. I am still able to enjoy meals away from home and easy recipes that kept me feeling fueled for my busy day full of working, chasing a toddler around, and working out. My priority was and is sustainable healthy living that fits into my busy lifestyle, without sacrificing family time. 


Ready to find that confidence?

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